For those who are here to inspire, heal, coach, lead, create, and speak from the heart. The Light Language Course will help you share your voice and turn your passion into your purpose.


-Empowers you; increasing your confidence and authentic vibration. Making you feel more at ease in your expression.

-Heals, aligns and upgrades you to your highest timeline.

-Strengthens your sense of connection, your trust, clarity, energy, and joy.

-Advances your intuitive accuracy, so that you can interpret and translate spirit more efficiently.

-Activates dormant DNA and encoded wisdom within your being. Reawakening forgotten aspects of yourself, so that you can advance beyond your current perception.

-Grants you higher dimensional access to your own divine memory and information, opening your communication channels so that you can receive guidance and messages more clearly.

Harness your soul's authentic expression by opening your throat chakra and discovering your true essence. There is more magic within you ready to be unleashed, and you know it.

Light language is a universal language within us all and holds immense power- Yet to make it tangible and transformative, you need to attune to the right frequency and elevate your awareness. This course guides you to access the magic within and create real, tangible shifts in your life. Don't miss the opportunity to embody your true self and potential!


Activate and access your soul's true voice.

Heal, clear, transmute and alchemize blockages that you may have been carrying for lifetimes.

Discover a deeper connection with yourself, God, the Universe, Spirit, Source.

Embody a more authentic, genuine and connected version of yourself, feeling more comfortable to express who you are.

Tap into your own physical form of Light Language channeling, and access your own Mudra.

Integrate the energy and high frequencies Light Language and other spiritual practices initiate, so that you can actually embody the upgrades.

Develop the ability to utilize Light Language in your daily life and every day experiences, to assist, upgrade and shift situations and all involved.

I've used Light Language to advance in my career.

Not only has LL helped to align my energy so I can create and manifest the most epic projects and offerings, but I have also directly used Light Language to amplify and propel my career. By pioneering the music genre of "Light Language" I have been healing, activating, and blessings millions of people through my music with encoded transmissions. The practices I share with you in this course also helped me work through blockages in my voice so I could feel free and empowered to speak my truth with radiance! Now I am helping you do so!! There is no better feeling than this!

I've been guiding this for years

Light Language came to me early on during my journey. At the time I didn't have the vocabulary or context to fully understand it, yet I realized that every time I would channel light language- a profound shift would occur for me and anyone around me. Healings would take place, miracles manifested, an instant feeling of alignment became present, the results were undeniable. As time has gone on I have gathered the perfect tools and resources to help you activate and connect to your own light language, and miracles.

Here's a video I made a few years ago when I was just getting started sharing publicly.

BONUS: In this course I also channel a LIVE Light Language transmission activation, to activate your inner power and connection- in a call and response style, so we can speak Light Language back and forth together! (Don't worry I will guide you through it, and you'll be in the comfort of your own space.) I can't wait to activate this divine portal with you!

Through accessing your Light Language and soul's true voice and expression- you will observe your entire life positively shift and upgrade.

Light Language is the expression of the soul, and the most potent way to fully and instantly embody the totality of who you are. It's calling your soul, for a reason.

In this course we dive deep into understanding the unique energy, essence and qualities of your true expression- and how it is here to guide you. You will gain the skill to express yourself authentically and master the art of your divine signature. It's time to do what you came to earth to do.