Unlock the gateway to your spiritual evolution and experience the undeniable DIVINE reality you've always known exists. This is your opportunity for a profound transformation – answer the call.

Wisdom, tools, and teachings to make your journey to a higher consciousness easy and enjoyable. As you deserve.

The Ascension Accelerator is the personal upgrade and glow up your soul has been calling in.

Unleash the potential for the spiritual success you've been craving. Your journey to ascension begins here, and the adventure is nothing short of magical!

A few years back I recorded these specific practices and put them into a course to guide others along their journey and document my personal process. Now after many years of living this way and in this awareness, it has been proven and confirmed- these specific tools work. This has helped bring me to embody my full expression, and very literally create the life of my DREAMS.


What You Receive:

  • Extensive Video Library: Over 25 videos, designed to guide and inform you in a fun and easy way that makes spirituality tangible.
  • Practical Exercises: Action steps after each Pillar, to ensure you integrate the teachings into your daily life.
  • Meditation Mastery: 4 unique and potent guided experiences that take you through a specific journey of bliss and alignment.
  • Higher Self Activation: A mirror meditation to awaken your Higher Self, within you now.
  • Integration Meditation: An essential tool to anchor your ascension journey.
Live Your Life EMPOWERED

When you have the knowledge to understand and comprehend the phases of awakening you are going through, it become so much easier and more enjoyable. This also unlocks an innate wisdom so you can efficiently read the signs you receive, and apply them to your life. The ultimate power and control of your life.

The Wisdom that Got Me Here

An epic opportunity! I recorded this course during my journey to document the practices and awarenesses I followed, in order to get me here. After years of confirmation in my physical reality and life, I am ready to share it with you here! Tune in with where I was, to get to where I am at!!

Access Your Peace

This informative course is also a meditative experience in every video. Join Heather in the frequency of bliss, as she gently awakens your inner child and playfulness - in conjunction with your most divine and sacred self.

Enroll in Your Highest Timeline

Course Curriculum

PILLAR 1: The Initiation

Dive deep into the core of your being and bring light to the shadows that have held you back. Uncover and alchemize your inner blockages, toxic patterns, and outdated agreements. It's time to release, forgive, and make room for the radiant light of your true self. And it works.

PILLAR 2: Energy Centers - Awaken Your Superpowers

Unlock the wise mysteries of your energy centers, your chakras. Learn how to balance and amplify your life force and connect with the Universe to discovering your hidden abilities. This is where your true potential awakens.

PILLAR 3: Embodiment - Merge Spirit with the Physical

Make your spiritual awakening a tangible reality by creating a consistent spiritual practice that connects you with your higher self. Gaze into the depths of your soul through eye gazing and mirror work. Recharge your energy with the Earth and establish your portal to the higher realms with a sacred altar. And lots more..

PILLAR 4: Anchoring the Ascension - Embrace Your Divinity

Bathe in the blissful support of awakening and maintaining your connection with the higher realms. Learn how to connect, receive, and integrate the wisdom of the Divine Plan and your unique destiny. Congratulations! You will align to your highest timeline.

This all got me to where I am NOW!

Become your own guide and radiate your greatest light. This is a course to help you through your phases of ascension, and provide you all the information you need to know about awakening. For the newly awakening, and the advanced.

Learn the foundational tools necessary to lead you to your most advanced, spiritual, and vibrant Highest Self.